Big Dollar: 35 Free Spins on Charmz Slot + 300% Match to $3,000 Bonus Codes & Tips

Big Dollar 35 Free Spins on Charmz Slot

Oh yes, the BetBigDollar gives 35 Free Spins on the Charmz Slot game with no deposit bonus code CLOVER35 and a 300% deposit match bonus worth up to $3,000 with bonus code CLOVER300. This just might be enough to distract you from the fact that they do not have a craps game available here. But they do have Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, loads of Video Poker, Slots, and other games.

Charmz Slot Game

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot Game Layout
Charmz Slot Game Layout

The Charmz slot game has an impressive green color scheme that makes playing this game a lot more interesting than its 5 reels and 3-row configuration would suggest.

Bet Amounts

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot AutoPlay and Bet Controls
AutoPlay and Bet Controls

When you want to adjust your bet, just click on the current bet value and the control panel pops up giving you complete control of the betting amounts, coin values, pay lines, autoplay, and sound settings.

The player can choose between coin values of $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25 and $.50 each. You can also play 1 to 5 coins per pay line. In addition, you can also choose to bet on 1 to 25 pay lines. This allows for plenty of betting combinations that enable players to bet their desired bet amount in the most beneficial configuration.

For minimum play betting, you can choose to play a single 1 cent coin on one pay line. The resulting 1 cent minimum bet is great if you would simply like to sample the game. However, if you have a larger budget, you can select a $.50 coin value and bet 5 coins on each of the 25 pay lines for a $62.50 maximum bet per spin.

AutoPlay Tip

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot Autoplay Settings
Autoplay Settings
BetBigDollar Charmz Slot Volume Controls
Volume Controls

The autoplay control gives you presets of 5, 10, 20, and 50 games. But you can also hold the “+” key to play as many as 999 games in a row. The unwritten secret here is that once you get done playing free spin games, the autoplay feature will stop. This is perfect for players that want to play until they hit the free spins. This is actually a great tip on how to win the most on this type of slot game. The really big payouts typically come with the free spins feature. It is also not all that unusual to have a winning playing session as soon as the free spin games are finished. That is the best time to take your win and stop playing.

The sound controls also let you mute the background and music completely or adjust either one to fit with your preferences.

Optimal Betting Strategy

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot 25 Pay Lines
25 Pay Lines

A display of the available pay lines is also a nice way to become more familiar with the game payouts. Rather than wondering why you did or not get a win on a spin is easier to understand with this guide.

But this is also the perfect opportunity to discuss the optimal betting strategy for the game. The first factor is your desired total bet amount per spin. Using the available control discussed above, you can bet from 1 cent to $62.50 per spin. This allows you the ultimate bet control consistent with your level of risk tolerance. You should start with a bet amount that you are comfortable with.

Once you have met your profit goal or stop-loss amount for this game, you can then decide to quit the game or change your bet amount. Of course, you can set your own goals. However, if I have a net win of about 10% of my budgeted bankroll, I would take the profit and move on to another game. But you can also decide to keep playing and increase your standard bet amount by at least 50%.

Bet Configuration

Charmz Slot Win Up To 35000 Coins
Win Up To 35,000 Coins

Secondly, assuming that you are not making max bet amounts of $62.50 on each spin, it is critical that use the maximum coin value. The while payout schedule for each symbol is not that impressive, it is based on the number of coins! Most routine wins come from regular gameplay based on the symbols matched instead of the total bet amount.

The best scenario is that you would win 35,000 coins on a $.50 bet that is made with a single $.50 coin. That would amount to a win of $17,500. However, if you made a $.50 bet by betting two 1 cent coins on 25 play lines your maximum win would be only $350.

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot High Payiong Symbols
High Paying Symbols
BetBigDollar Charmz Slot Lower Paying Symbols
Lower Paying Symbols

Even the higher paying symbols do not pay more than 280 when you match 5 of them. Since this game is a high volatility game, you can expect a lot of little wins. But once you win, you will win big.

Wild Features

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot Expanding Wilds
Expanding Wilds

The Expanding wild symbols which can show up on reels 1,3 and 5 substitutes for other symbols except the free spins scatter symbol. Besides the free spin games (and their big winning potential), this feature is the most fun, entertaining and profitable feature to experience in this game.

Free Spins Scatter

BetBigDollar Charmz Slot Free Spins Scatter Symbol
Free Spins Scatter Symbol

When 3 or more Free Spins scatter symbols show up anywhere on the screen you will start the all-important free spin feature. If you are lucky enough, you’ll hit 5 free spin symbols and get 12 free spins where all the wins are double the usual amount. Unfortunately, more free spins can’t be received during free spin games. If you are not that lucky, but still lucky enough, you’ll hit 4 free spin symbols and get 10 free spins or you’ll hit 3 free spin symbols and get 8 free spins. At least the wins will be doubled whether you get 8, 10, or 12 free spin games.

Bonus and Game Recap

Since you are starting out a new account at the Big Dollar with 35 real money Charmz Slot spins for free, anything you win will be a step forward. But if you want more bonus money, just make a deposit and use the bonus code CLOVER300 for that 300% match. The most your deposit should be is $1,000 in order to max out the free bonus offer. But be sure you check the terms and conditions of the bonus before you do so. Remember, you do not have to accept the bonus money, Plus, if you intend to play the Live Dealer games, you definitely do not want deposit match bonuses. In any case, the initial no deposit free spin offer is safe and should be used up as soon as you sign up.

Also, instead of playing the Charmz Slots game with 35 free spins, you could go to this Big Dollar post and use their bonus code for 50 free spins on the Tales of Time Travel slot. They also have a similar 300% deposit match worth $3,000. So have fun and take your pick of games and get either 35 or 50 free spins when you sign up as a new player. Good Luck?

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