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One dead, minors injured in Ukrainian shelling of Russian region

Two teens suffered injuries in a Ukrainian strike in ’s Belgorod Region, its governor says

Buildings damaged in Ukrainian shelling of Russia’s Belgorod region are seen on May 27, 2023. ©  Telegram / vvgladkov

Ukrainian forces shelled Russia’s Belgorod Region on Saturday, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in a Telegram post. The attack on an area located close to the border claimed one life and left three people injured, he said.

The deceased was a local factory security guard, who was walking along a street at the time of the attack, Gladkov said. Two minors – a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy – were hospitalized after the attack, the governor said, adding that the girl had suffered injuries to her legs while the boy had a concussion. One more injured person was treated on the spot, the governor’s statement added.

Two local industrial facilities were hit in the attack, causing a fire and damaging a power grid, Gladkov said. The strike also damaged civilian infrastructure, including shops and residential buildings, he added. Earlier, he also said that a drone had been downed in another part of Belgorod Region.

Ukrainian forces shelled the Shebekino district of Belgorod Region “106 times” using mortars and artillery pieces on Friday alone, Gladkov said in another Telegram post on Saturday.

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Russian regions bordering have been frequently targeted in drone and artillery attacks by Ukrainian troops throughout the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev, which is ongoing for more than a year.

Belgorod Region authorities reported multiple drone attacks this week alone. Several UAVs were intercepted over the regional capital of Belgorod. The attacks resulted in no casualties, according to official information.

The attacks followed a deadly cross-border raid by Ukrainian militants, which forced the governor to briefly impose “anti-terrorism” regulations in the region. A group of Ukrainian raiders crossed the border into the Grayvoron district on Monday, killing at least one villager and injuring several others in their attack.

The group used US-made vehicles in the assault. The Russian Defense Ministry released footage of several disabled US-made equipment units, including Humvees and at least one MaxxPro MRAP armored fighting vehicle. Washington then denied that the equipment it provided to Ukraine was used in the incursion. It questioned the veracity of the images presented by the Russian side.


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