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Fair multipolar world will be achieved – Putin

The neo-colonial system based on exploitation will inevitably become a thing of the past, the Russian leader says

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the Kremlin. ©  Sputnik / Vyacheslav Prokofyev

and its international partners will build a fair multipolar world together, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

Moscow is ready to cooperate with all interested nations to tackle joint threats and challenges, Putin stated in his video address to participants of the 11th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues on Wednesday.

the Russian leader told the foreign security officials.

Russia has partners in many different regions and continents, and the country’s authorities those relationships, he said.

Putin added.

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According to the Russian leader, the efforts by the and its allies to maintain their dominant role include the “build-up of military potential, blatant interference in internal affairs of other countries, as well as attempts to extract unilateral advantages from the energy and food crises, provoked by a number of Western states.”

As a result of those actions, the level of instability is growing on the international scene, Putin noted. “In different regions, old hotspots are expanding and new ones emerge… The people in many nations are experiencing dramatic consequences of coups, organized from the outside,” he said.

However, the president insisted that Russia is confident there is an alternative to the Western policy “of blackmail and illegal sanctions.”

Countries should jointly work towards “strengthening stability in the world, the consistent construction of a system of unified indivisible security, solving major tasks of ensuring economic, technological and social development,” Putin stressed.

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The 11th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues, hosted by Russia’s Security Council, is taking place in Moscow Region between Tuesday and Thursday. The event, which has gathered delegations from more than 100 countries, will see participants discussing the international situation and the most pressing security challenges faced by the world right now. Special attention will be paid to such issues as food and information security, as well as cooperation in tackling drug trafficking, according to the organizers.


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